Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

When I moved to my Virginia Home in 2017, the most beautiful feature of the property were three tall oak trees.
Now down to one mighty Oak at the front of the house, its stately form speaks volumes to me of the promise of the tiny acorns that can be found beneath.

As I pondered the object lesson God presented me with in my own front yard, I realized that He was showing me the potential and promise of small beginnings. Almost everything here at Pony Partners is small.  Our “ponies” are mostly Miniature horses, our acreage and set up is small scale and we are just starting to reach out in small ways to small people (meaning kids!)

Thinking of the stage Pony Partners is in and the wonderful potential for the days ahead, my thoughts are directed to the acorn.  Just like the children who will come, or the people and groups who will be looking for some answer to something, there is so much potential in the small beginnings.  All seeds contain all that is needed to begin growth toward something greater, more wonderful, a potential for growth into a mighty “Oak” – a person of increased strength and character.

And so, our small acreage is now named Little Acorn Ranch!  A continuous reminder of the potential and promise of small beginnings.

A special thank you to two of the men from Mt. Pleasant UMC, Doug and JD, who donated their time to setting up our sign!  Another wonderful little step in our beginning.

4 thoughts on “Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow”

  1. Love this! I too have a tendency to rush forward, assuming the foundation is somehow mysteriously agreed upon and had it bite me in the backside. Ah, the joy of sacred passages to growth and wisdom! Sandye Davin Colbert

  2. It as nearly impossible to attain educated inhabitants in this exact focus, but you sound in the vein of you identify what you are talking about! Thanks Marigold Nicky Brnaby

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