These are a few questions we are often asked.

Do people ride your ponies?

No. Our horses are Miniature Horses, usually under 36″ tall and some much shorter. They do not have the strength in their backs to carry a rider like larger ponies do.

Can I come for a visit?

Yes, we love having visitors come to see the ponies by appointment.  Just email or call and we will gladly set up a time to come. Visits are always FREE, however donations are gladly accepted and help us keep our costs low and provide some scholarships.

Do you charge a fee?

No we ask individuals to make a donation if they are able but no one is asked to pay a fee to have a lesson with the ponies.  This may not include camps or special events. We do have scholarships available from time to time so that we can offer our other services free to those who need assistance. Life coaching which is generally a service to adults does have a fee but the first 30 minute phone session is free.  Email or call to request your free coaching session.

Can I bring treats to feed the horses?

Miniature horses are very sensitive to changes in their diets so we ask that you not bring treats for them. However, donations of apples and carrots are gratefully accepted and added to their food at their mealtimes. Horses can develop some bad habits if they expect to be given food every time they see someone, so we discourage hand feeding. If you are a lesson participant you may be given a treat to reward your partner upon the discretion of the trainer.

Have any other questions?

Please feel free to end us an email. We usually respond within 24 hours.