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We’re so glad you stopped by to learn more about who we are and what we do at Pony Partners.

Do you love horses?  Have a child who loves horses but is limited to collecting figurines and watching horse movies?  No room or resources to get your own?  Pony Partners was started by Ms. Patti Fountain because she was just such a little girl.  Ms. Patti waited until she was an adult to get her very own horses. It has been her dream to share her horses with children and adults who would love to enjoy spending time with horses but are at the moment unable to have their own.

Pony Partners is a Ministry of Little Acorn Ranch and is dedicated to sharing the love of God and His creation through miniature horses and the ranch setting.

Our program began in August 2018 for the specific purpose of reaching out to children and families in our community through both pony lessons and  Equine Assisted programs and we also offer Equine Assisted Life Coaching*. We incorporated and now are a registered 501 c 3 charity.  Our lessons are always free.  We are supported by the love gifts of all sizes.

Pony Partners is a special program designed to enhance the lives of children and families through interaction with miniature horses.  Horses and ponies are nonjudgmental and intuitive. They have special senses to read our emotions and our body language very well.  Their interaction with us reflects our own state, even when we have limited self-awareness.

Children are always in the process of learning and growing, many times special needs or diffficulties in their lives cause learning to be challenging.  At Pony Partners, children make friends with the ponies through petting, grooming and other activities in unmounted horsemanship.  We work together with school programs, homeschool families and others to support areas of skill identified as goals and offer opportunities to use the  horses as unique “teachers assistants.”  This unique setting and the interactions with the horses can help children who have difficulty learning in traditional settings, and it’s just plain fun and joyful!

For children who participate as partners, it is an opportunity not only to spend time with horses, for those who long to and have limited opportunity, but it is a rewarding and enjoyable way to develop positive traits such as responsibility, accountability, patience, level-headedness, empathy, kindness, and self-discipline. Partnering with our “ponies” can help children and adults realize how their choices, attitudes, and behaviors affect themselves and others.

(*Life Coaching is fee based is used to support the mission of Pony partners.)

Next Steps…

Please contact us to set up an appointment to find out how your child, group or family can participate in our program.